5 June 2015

לאתר לניוז

 Light Object 012.

6 September 2014
לניוז באתר
23 January 2014

Video interview by Redesign Magazine [Hebrew, with English translation].

15 January 2014

“Naama’s previous lights tend toward strong geometries so the 009 series is an interesting addition to her body of work. Each sheet of printed Tyvek covers a round LED-illuminated ring, where it almost appears to melt slightly as it meets the light, creating ripples and wrinkles in the sheet lending a much more tactile and soft finish to the pieces…”
Ambra Medda, L’ArcoBaleno

20 November 2013

I proud to present my new collaboration with ReDesign Magazine, featuring the new 003.5 collection. Don’t miss the project’s website here.